Essay on indian culture projects unity in diversity

This variety in climate has also contributed to a variety of flora and fauna. Certain people are quite civilized while other are yet backward in their customs. Social bonds of the people here are long lasting. The Meenakshi temple at Madurai has a huge hall with one thousand pillars.

India is a land of Unity in diversity. The British built huge churches and official building. Similarly, the climate is not the same in all parts of our country.

India is a famous country for its various cultural dances like classical Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Kathakli, Kuchipudi and folk according to the regions. In the social sphere also the general customs and manners of the people greatly different.

As a child, Bama used to think that the school and the Church were not built in her street because her street was full of filth.

This name, the chief characteristic of which is unity, has always occupied an important place in the minds of religious thinkers, political philosophers and poets since each has conceived of the country as a single expanse from the Himalayas in the North to Cape Comorin in the South and from the Brahmaputra in the East to the Indus in the West.

So Indian culture is the best culture in this world!. It is found that Hinduism has been an open religion. Rightly this land has been termed as "the epitome of the world. People near sea cousts eat rice with fish. Eastern part is covered by Bangla people residing in east Bengal.

It is our religious culture that we should keep fast, do worship, offer Gange Jal, do Surya Namaskar, touch feet of elder in family, do yoga and meditation on daily basis, give food and water to the hungry and disabled people. Various saints have evinced the feeling of belonging to each other, a sense of identity of purpose and emotion.

Although India possesses a variety of language, but she has enjoyed a linguistic unity from the earliest times. These groups formulated inter-group behavior. Promoter of this Unity: The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are national epics, sung and enjoyed in every nook and corner of the world.

Indian Culture Essay 2 words The culture of India is the oldest culture of the world around 5, years. South is famous for their literacy. Mature has shaped the country so. In fact Sanskrit served as the lingua franca during the ancient times. The distinctive type of culture nbsp; Essay on Indian Culture for Children and Studentslong and short essay on Indian Culture for your Kids, Children differ in their language, food tradition, rituals, etc however they live with unity.

There have been occasional riots, sometimes serious riots.

Indian Culture : Unity in Diversity Essay , Article

Thus, the influence of Sanskrit is greatly felt over that literature and really it plays a cementing force to bind together the literary traditions of different parts of the country. There are 26 States and 6 Union Territories in our country.

In different parts of India literature has been written in several languages. People of different regions use different types of dresses. India has opted the composite culture model of national unity in line with the traditional bonds of unity described above.

It is wrong to think that there has been no incidents of caste, communal or linguistic riots. Though there are several numbers of diverse cultures in India, still it has unity in diversity.

We know that Hinduism is not a homogeneous religion.

Indian Culture : Unity in Diversity Essay , Article

Indian Culture: Unity in Diversity Essay, Article. Unity in Diversity: It is said that “ Unity in Diversity ” and it is known for India. India is a diverse country including different states, different regions, different people with different culture, different languages and different clothing and different food.

Indian culture is a colourful combo of each colour with its importance. Here we are concerned with how cultural diversity and related differences in the behavior, norms, words essay on computer unity in diversity in india words; words essay on computer unity in diversity in india words.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Cultural Diversity In India" Cultural Diversity In India (Essay Sample) June 1, by admin Essay Samples, Religious doctrines influence culture and it is on this religious basis that the diversity of the Indian culture exists. Additionally, language also differentiates the culturally endorsed.

Here is an essay on Unity in Diversity in India. essential fundamental Indian unity rests upon the fact that diverse peoples of India have developed a peculiar type of culture and civilization, Essay, Indian History, Unity in Diversity.

Pre-Historic Ages in India – 4 Ages. Thus we find that despite the variety of religion, cultures, languages, geographical diversity etc. India has enjoyed some sort of the unity. Cultural Unity: Cultural unity amidst various diversities is found in India. In spite of difference in language, religion, dress and manners, Indian culture is homogeneous.

In ancient time, the rock-cut architecture to the Mauryan period found its expression throughout India. Indian Culture, Project Report / Essay on Indian Culture, Religions in India, Languages in India, Dance and Music, Indian Instrumental Music, Indian Paintings, Indian Architecture, Indian Scientists, People living in India, type of foods eat, Indian National Festivals, Religious Festivals, Harvest Festivals, National Festivals - Project Report, Essay.

Essay on indian culture projects unity in diversity
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